Smart Meeting

Software Features

A Comprehensive Meeting Room Overview.

On Cloud

Cloud-based solution for every office space.

Sync with your calendar

Works with your existing Company Calendar


Improving your team collaboration. Helps coordinate people, spaces and things. In your office efficiently.

Excellent Service

Ensures excellent service deliverable before/during/after meeting by Canteen Management System.

Room meeting utilization

Helps companies use their meeting room more Efficiently and make decisions base on reservation score

Flow of Smart Meeting Room

Step 1


• Simplify the meeting room booking.
• Helps coordinate people ,spaces, and things in your office efficiently.
• Syncs instantly with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars.
• Remind your meetings.

Step 1
Step 2


• Confirmed Reservation room by google voice.
• Automation control electrical devices by IoT.

Step 2
Step 3


• Enables automatic detection attendee in meeting room by face recognition.

Step 3
Step 4


1. Conference call outside (VOIP, Skype)
2. Food-Drink : Delivery
3. Auto Invoicing

Step 4
Step 5

Check Out

• End of meeting reminder.
• Shut down electric devices
by Google voice commands.
• Update room meeting status
to Canteen Management System

Step 5
Step 6


• Sending the Attendee list and expense summary report
to your email.

Step 6

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